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RSMail! revision 12 comes with fresh updates in the "Templates", "Messages" and "Settings" tabs.RSMail! - Joomla! newsletter extension

1. New subscriber notification email

Besides the existing subscriber emails, “Confirmation email” and “Unsubscribe email”, starting with revision 12, you can enable a notification email for whenever a new subscriber is being added.

RSMail! notification email

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Along with the newest Joomla! security update, recently announced on the website, we too have released a new RSFirewall! revision with the specific 1.5.23 hash files. Joomla! 1.5 security release

Our recommendation is to update both Joomla! and RSFirewall! to the latest revisions and perform a new System Check.

If you want a detailed video tutorial about performing a new RSFirewall! System Check, head to the RSJoomla! TV channel and watch
Ep. 11 - RSFirewall! - Joomla! Security Scanner.

How to update to RSFirewall! revision 23?
Read the changelog

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50% for RSFirewall! and RSSeo!

Amazing discounts for 2 of our Joomla! extensions this month:
50% OFF for RSSeo! and RSFirewall!.

"Like us" on Facebook and grab the coupon codes from our "Discounts" page.

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RSBlog! - Joomla! blog extension

A new RSBlog! revision has been released today with new features, updates and fixes:
Joomla! Search plugin, notification emails, rating system and an updated post layout.

1. Joomla! Search Plugin

The integration with the default Joomla! search allows users to find content in the RSBlog! posts as well.

RSBlog! - integration with the Joomla! search plugin

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RSSearch! - Joomla! site search

Recently, we've released our newest Joomla! extension, RSSearch!, which searches content into Joomla! articles, sections, categories and 3rd party components.

Today, we're happy to announce new RSSearch! integrations with our blog component, RSBlog! and with 2 popular directory components, Sobi2 and Mosets Tree.

1. Find content in RSBlog! articles

Users will be able to find content in blog posts and categories too, if the RSSearch! - RSBlog! plugin has been previously configured.

Make sure the plugin is published in the "Plugin Manager" area and the RSSearch! module is enabled to find the RSBlog! content.

search Joomla! blog articles in RSBlog!

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