RSMail! rev. 12 released with new subscriber options

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RSMail! revision 12 comes with fresh updates in the "Templates", "Messages" and "Settings" tabs.RSMail! - Joomla! newsletter extension

1. New subscriber notification email

Besides the existing subscriber emails, “Confirmation email” and “Unsubscribe email”, starting with revision 12, you can enable a notification email for whenever a new subscriber is being added.

RSMail! notification email

2. New export option

The “Settings” tab has another new subscriber option: ability to export subscribers without the ones that have unsubscribed from the newsletter.

RSMail! export subscribers

Check the "Settings" documentation

3. New template fields

Now, you can have the standard email set up form for templates too, thanks to 4 new fields added in revision 12: "From" , "From name" , "Reply" and "Reply name".

4. Print button on history message

When link history is enabled, users are able to read newsletters directly on your website and print them, using the new frontend button.

RSMail! Print button on history message

Check the history message documentation

5. New options in the message attachments

RSMail! allows you to send newsletters with attachments.
Revision 12 comes with a new option: ability to attach a file uploaded in the previous campaigns.

RSMail! newsletter attachments

How to update to RSMail! revision 12?

Read the changelog here

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