New RSSearch! integrations: Sobi2, Mosets Tree and RSBlog!

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RSSearch! - Joomla! site search

Recently, we've released our newest Joomla! extension, RSSearch!, which searches content into Joomla! articles, sections, categories and 3rd party components.

Today, we're happy to announce new RSSearch! integrations with our blog component, RSBlog! and with 2 popular directory components, Sobi2 and Mosets Tree.

1. Find content in RSBlog! articles

Users will be able to find content in blog posts and categories too, if the RSSearch! - RSBlog! plugin has been previously configured.

Make sure the plugin is published in the "Plugin Manager" area and the RSSearch! module is enabled to find the RSBlog! content.

search Joomla! blog articles in RSBlog!

2. Find content in Sobi2

If you have a Sobi2 or Mosets Tree based website, users will be able to search content in Sobi2 and Mosets Tree categories and listings, once you install and publish the plugins in the Joomla! admin panel.

Make sure again that the plugins are published in the "Plugin Manager" area and the RSSearch! module finds content in Sobi2 and Mosets Tree components too.

search Sobi2 categories and listings with RSSearch!

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