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04 Feb 2015

In this release we've included 2 new placeholders that may really come in handy, read this post for more information.

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03 Feb 2015

Without being a major release, RSFirewall! ver. 2.8.4 brings some changes and additions that you will surely be interested in.

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15 Jan 2015

RSMediaGallery! Product Page

Check out the improvements that we have prepared for you in the latest version of the established image gallery extension - RSMediaGallery!, there are some compelling additions that you'll surely want for your website.

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19 Dec 2014

RSJoomla! Logo

Everyone hates the ugly, useless sweater that they get for Christmas from their family! And this happens every single time! Ruins all the fun of getting a present ... But don't worry, we've got something that's going to make up for that:

30% Off Multi-site Licenses and Templates for the Holiday Season
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04 Dec 2014

RSJoomla!'s most recent release joins the ranks of our company's templates offer. RSFedra! is compatible with Joomla! 3.x, it's fully responsive, looks great and offers powerful customization tools that won't leave you asking for more, even if you're the most pretentious Joomla! website builder.

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