RSFirewall! 2.8.4 - Updates and Fixes

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Without being a major release, RSFirewall! ver. 2.8.4 brings some changes and additions that you will surely be interested in.

Add your preferred WhoIs service

RSFirewall! has been successfully using, by default, the WhoIs service. However, some users might have another preferred service, so we have decided to allow them to change this through a default feature, found in Firewall Configuration >> Logging Utility:

Notice that you can use the {ip} placeholder in order to transmit the IP that you wish to verify directly through the URL, if the preferred service allows this.

For your comfort

Just to make things a little easier for you, we've included a warning message in the Users Manager area:

This message will get displayed if you activate the Disable the creation of new Administrators option in the Active Scanner.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Of course, there are also other modifications that are worth mentioning:

  • The logging feature has been improved. It now records even more types of events, providing a more comprehensive situation of your website security-wise.
  • A fix was made for the cases where the JSON result returned by the System Check couldn't be decoded.
  • Country flags were not showing up the System Overview page or in the RSFirewall! Control Panel Module.

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