RSForm!Pro v1.50.19 Now with a Joomla! Updater Integration!

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Following RSFirewall!'s footsteps, the new version of RSForm! Pro includes the "update through Joomla!" feature; you will update RSForm!Pro much easier by using Joomla updater! Read on for more information!

What's new

You will no longer have to do the tedious job of logging into our website, downloading the installation files and install the RSForm!Pro extension through the Joomla! extension manager. As long as your subscription is active and your domain is registered, Joomla! updates will do this for you!

Use the comments section below to let us know what component you think should receive this integration next!

What's fixed

Fixed - Some areas in the administration section of RSForm! Pro were not working since updating to Joomla! 3.4.2.

How to get it

You can download RSForm!Pro v1.50.19 from the Downloads section. Access to the Downloads section of RSForm!Pro is granted to users that own an active subscription of the component. If you are in need of a subscription, you can purchase one from the product page.

Expired subscriptions can be renewed with a 30% discount (this discount is applied automatically).

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Alexandru Plapana - 05.08.2015 (03:23:08)

Quote :
Save and close button is not working.

I doubt that you are using the latest RSForm!Pro version. Please update and try again.


dev - 05.08.2015 (03:06:43)
buttons are not working in administrator section

Save and close button is not working.


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