How to create intelligent email campaigns in Joomla!

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Your boss is not pleased with the marketing reports from the last month and gave you a new task: to increase the website conversion rate...

To get the visitors attention, you decide to start an email campaign and schedule a monthly newsletter for your subscribers.RSMail! - Joomla! newsletter extension

You have written the perfect newsletter, with effective calls to action, but the deadline given by your boss expires in 15 minutes because you have wasted precious time finding a good newsletter extension and you haven't found yet one to rely on.

Moreover, now you need one that's easy to configure, that won't require any HTML knowledge or time to learn before sending emails.
Finally, you find RSMail! and you decide to use it for the new email campaign.

Will I manage to finish in time this month's campaign with RSMail! ?

Let's see:

15 minutes until deadline: import 7 lists of subscribers (RSMail! supports an unlimited number of mailing lists ).

You have to send emails to 7 lists of subscribers, each one personalized for every subscriber. RSMail! helps you with that, allowing you to add unlimited placeholders in each message that you can fill with user information.

The import of the subscribers lists was a breeze: RSMail! imported the .csv files fast, regardless of the number of fields with an Ajax process.

9 minutes until deadline: copy the text of the newsletter in RSMail!

7 minutes until deadline: check the email spam score .. all good, the message seems to have a low spam rate

5 minutes until deadline: send a test email to yourself.

3 minutes until deadline: send the newsletter.

Oops, something is wrong!

You forgot to add a link in the article that you want to promote. Thank God, RSMail! has a pause button, so the newsletter has been sent to just a few subscribers. You revise the newsletter, add the link, test the score and restore the email campaign.

What if RSMail! limits the number of subscribers in a list?

RSMail! uses Ajax technology therefore you can send emails to an unlimited number of subscribers.

As a marketer I need email statistics for my campaign. Can RSMail! help me?

After RSMail! delivers the message, the extension tracks how many users have opened the e-mail and how many clicked on each link inside the email.

Bottom line: with RSMail! you were able to send the newsletter fast and offer to your boss real time email statistics about the campaign.

To discover other interesting features of the component you can test it on our demo server , browse the documentation or Ask a question to our customer support.

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Alexandru Plapana - 08.06.2010 (04:14:49)
email scheduling


Yes, this can be done with RSMail!. By default it includes a autoresponder feature, that can be configured in various ways. You can read more about this here:


smsprep - 03.06.2010 (20:51:54)
email scheduling

Does RSMail allow you to schedule emails? For example, if I a new subscriber signs up, can they automatically receive EmailA on Day 1, Email B on Day 2 and Email C on Day 3?



Atlanta roofers - 16.03.2010 (07:04:21)

Wow! I played around with a couple of joomla sites before, but I kept hitting a lot of snags, not the least of wich was mailing. I am really happy I found your site. I am going to fire up a joomla template and install and give it another whack. I will be using this site a lot!


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