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The new version of RSDirectory! is here! A new Categories module has been created, improvements to the map-radius search, new ordering available for the List Entries menu item and for the Entries Carousel module along with various fixes and updates!. Read this post for more details.

What's New?

RSDirectory! Categories Module

After taking your opinions in consideration, our dev-team pushed this module on the to-do list. As your web-business gets bigger and bigger most likely you will need to display all of your categories in a module position. Information on how to install and use the modules can be found in the documentation article.

Placeholder for Publishing Period

The dev-team added a new placeholder that will display the entries publishing period : {publishing-period}. The Forms documentation article provides information on how to use RSDirectory! placeholders.

What's Improved?

List Entries and Entries Carousel


The List Entries menu item got a small bump in functionality.

  • You will be able to list entries from certain users;
  • The entries can be ordered by Price, Modified Date, Big Subtitle, Small Subtitle, Number of Ratings and Average Rating.

The entries displayed in the Entries Carousel can now be in a random order.

Group Permissions


The Group Permissions editing layout has been improved and split into sections for a better experience. With this change, a new permission has been added, you can now configure certain Groups to be able to Change Categories on the already existing entries.

Review Functionality


Keep spam away with CAPTCHA functionality (enabled from the Groups section of RSDirectory!) and with the addition of the Review notification email you can keep your authors informed on the public opinion.

Map Radius Search


The Map Radius Search has default values for 'Radius' and 'Zoom Level' and now it can initialize the map based on user's location.

What's Fixed?

  • 'Pagination' is now set to 'Show' by default.
  • When deleting an entry, emails are no longer sent to invalid / icomplete email addresses.
  • 'Map Radius Search' no longer loads all entries in the AJAX request.
  • Can now properly create template overrides.
  • Can now properly create overrides for CSS files.
  • Ported some fixes from RSMediaGallery! to the phpThumb library.
  • New lines were not interpreted in the 'Owner reply'.
  • Missing 'rsdir-tabs' class from the 'My Account' menu item.
  • 'Total Credits' is now hidden when unavailable for the current form.

Got Any Good Ideas?

As you might already know, user feedback is, as always our guideline on providing new features for our components. If there's anything you think that should be implemented in future releases, be it a brand-new feature or an improvement for an existing one, don't hesitate to tell us about it!

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