RSEvents!Pro Ver. 1.6.0 - Answering to the Community's most pressing requests

in RSEvents!Pro on 27 May 2014 having 3 comments
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You can call RSEvents!Pro Ver. 1.6.0 your own, as it responds to the most common requests made by the community (we promised we'll listen, remember? ). Have a look at the full blogpost for more information, you won't be disappointed.

Increased flexibility for Email sending

The integration between RSEvents!Pro and RSForm!Pro greatly increased RSEvents!Pro's functionality by allowing total control over the event registration process. This had, however, a major drawback - RSEvents!Pro emails could not include RSForm!Pro information at all. On the other hand, RSForm!Pro emails could only include information regarding the user's name and email, tickets, payments and the used coupon.

The RSForm!Pro - RSEvents!Pro plugin was now updated to include the possibility to override the Registration, Activation, Unsubscribe, Denied Subscription, New Event Subscription Notification RSEvents!Pro emails and the Ticket PDF from within RSForm!Pro, allowing the inclusion of placeholders specific to both components in their text.

Improved Repeated Events functionality

Even more diverse scenarios can be created with RSEvents!Pro in terms of repeated events. You can set up the component to repeat an event every second Saturday of the month, for example. This could only be done manually up until this version.

That's not all

There's a whole list of additions and improvements included in this version. Having them summarily listed doesn't make them less important, we're just trying to keep things short:

and more.

Update RSEvento!

We recommend RSEvento! users to update the template to the latest version, as some adjustments were made to RSEvents!Pro's layout that won't be reflected in the template's older versions.

Help make RSEvents!Pro better

We wish to keep "tweaking" the component so that it can offer you the best possible experience, and we need to hear your needs in order to do so. Please post your feature requests in our feedback section (by clicking on the big FEEDBACK button below) and we'll do our best to make it happen.

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roberto - 04.07.2014 (21:16:03)

Thanks for the information until today is still very useful.


Alexandru Plapana - 28.05.2014 (03:58:33)

- yes, of course. This was already a built-in feature

- no, there is no limit on the number of repeats

- these can be combined. For example an event can be set to recurring with regular time interval but on specific dates (that don't have a regular format) as well.


Renee Chiu - 27.05.2014 (08:47:01)
Repeat Events

The repeat events functionality is a good idea. The update suggests that events can be repeated on, for exaple, the third Friday of every month. I'm wondering:

  • Is it also possible to repeat an event at irregular intervals ie. dates I would manually select.

  • And is there any limit on the number of repeats.

  • And can these repeats be amended individually?



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