RSEvents!Pro Rev. 4 - Joomla! 3.x compatibility, iDeal integration and much more

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RSEvents!Pro for Joomla! 3.0 is here! This new revision comes with many new features, fixes and updates that make RSEvents!Pro a more stable and reliable extension. Thanks to the community participation, via our feedback section, we have also added a new payment processor - iDEAL.

Joomla! 3.0 Compatibility

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RSEvents!Pro is now compatible with Joomla! 3.0. The code was completely refactored in order to use less resources, thus improving the overall workflow of the component. Thank you for your patience.

Joomla! users have started to slowly move towards the 3.0 platform. All of our commercial components will eventually be Joomla! 3.0 compatible. Today, RSEvents!Pro joins (including ALL plugins and modules) the Joomla! 3.0 compatibility list, along with RSBlog!, RSForm!Pro, RSFirewall!, RSSeo!.

iDEAL Payment Gateway Integration

RSEvents!Pro now offers an integration for the iDEAL payment processor. iDEAL is an e-commerce payment system used in the Netherlands, based on online banking. Introduced in 2005, this payment method allows customers to buy securely on the Internet using direct online transfers from their bank account.

The installation process is simply straight forward. After you have installed and published the plugin you can set your iDeal ID, choose an iDeal account type and configure a tax for your transactions.

If you are based in the Netherlands then this is definitely worth considering. Once installed and properly configured, this integration plugin will allow the payment to be made using the iDEAL gateway.

Added Features

New features were added which allow a more granular control over your subscribers, this includes:

  • event subscribers export has been improved by adding the option to include field headers, and a new column which contains the reference number was added to the exported file.
  • two new Group permissions options Can approve events and Can approve tags.
  • events can now be filtered through the map view by name, description, location, category or tag.
  • RSEvents!Pro PDF plugin can now generate QR codes as well.
  • new placeholders:

    {Tax}, {LateFee}, {EarlyDiscount}, {Gateway}, {IP}, {Coupon}. These placeholders are only available for the Registration, Activation email and the Ticket PDF.

For a full list of features and changes you can read the changelog here.

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