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RSForm!Pro - Joomla! form extension

The form translation has just become easier with the RSForm!Pro newest feature: the multi-language native support.

1. Multi-language native support

You will be able to translate all the necessary form information:
the component caption and items, the validation message, the default value and the description.

When editing a form in the "Mamage forms" tab, you will notice a language selector which allows you to choose the native language, as shown in the above screenshot.
Make sure you have the Joomla! native language pack installed.

RSForm!Pro native multi-language form support

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RSBlog! - Joomla! blog extension

Only a week has passed since we’ve launched RSBlog! and the feedback received from you is really exciting.

Therefore, we’ve launched the second RSBlog! revision with hot new features: 3 plugins to import Joomla!, K2 and MyBlog articles to RSBlog!, Recent Posts Module, a new subscribing option for readers and many more.

1.Import articles from Joomla! content , K2 articles and MyBlog posts

We’ve released 3 new plugins to make the transition to RSBlog! a breeze: you can now easily import Joomla! content (including comments), K2 and MyBlog articles to RSBlog!

Just access your account, download the plugins from Resources>> Customer Downloads and install them using the default Joomla! installer. You can start the articles import in the “Import” tab, after enabling the plugins from the “Plugin Manager”.

Import articles from Joomla! content, K2 and MyBlog

17 Nov 2010 0 comments in RSBlog!
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RSSeo! - Joomla! seo extension

The new revision comes with some new functionalities, fixes and improvements, from which the most important are the keyword attributes, sitemap protocol and the updated Joomfish integration.

1. Keyword attributes

The attributes option, included in RSSeo! rev. 9, enhances the existing keywords functionalities.
In the newly created configuration option, you can add attributes, javacript codes/triggers, styles and classes.

Keyword attributes examples:

The target attribute:

RSSeo! keyword attributes - target

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