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RSMembership! - Joomla! membership extension

The new revision comes with new features for the subscriber’s email and the trial settings.

1. Expiration notification emails

Starting with rev. 13, subscribers can be notified when their membership is about to expire. This feature adds up to the existing subscriber emails sent on subscribe, renew and upgrade.

To edit the notification email, in the Joomla! backend panel head to:
Components >> RSMembership! >> Memberships >> Edit the membership for which you want to add notification email >> Subscriber’s email >> Click to edit the “Expiration Notify Email”

We've added a new placeholder, {interval}, which returns the remaining time until the membership expires.

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RSMembership! - Joomla! membership! extension

The new RSMembership! revision comes with an important number of added functionalities : the One-Time Payment Settings option, the Custom fields tab and the Trial periods for memberships.

One-Time Payment Settings

Beginning with the rev. 11, you can find new options for one-time payment: you can set different prices for renewals, when creating a new membership in the Joomla! backend panel.

So, when a user wants to renew his membership, he can now pay a different price than he did the first time.

Also, here you can configure the membership coupon discounts - coupon codes and prices.

configure one time payment membership - Joomla! backend view

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What do you expect ? Of course we value the opinions and feedbacks of ouRSMembership! - Joomla! membership extension

r clients - we have released RSMembership! revision 9 which comes with new features added and improved functionality:

  • New user email texts are now configured in the RSMembership! language file.
    The reason this method was preferred over the Joomla standard user email is that if you were using automatic membership approval sometimes the link to the site was appended with the path to the Joomla administration panel that could confuse the end user.
  • Share any type of content with memberships.
    As RSMembership! users already know, for each membership you were able to share files and folders. With the new revision, you can share Joomla! articles, categories, sections and links.
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Put them all toghether and you get RSMembership!. Our subscriptions manager will amaze you with the variety of features that help you make a membership based website out of Joomla! RSMembership! - Joomla! membership extension

With RSMembership! you can create subscriptions based on a period of time and add options that have their own price.

RSMembership! also lets you share various folders on your server(even private folders) for each membership package.

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