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Joomla! membership extension

We’ve put a lot of passion in developing RSBlog! - a fantastic blogging extension, designed in the RSJoomla! characteristic style:
an easy to use interface, social media integrations, trackback & ping articles, tag cloud & tag management, quick posts, remote publishing and many more.

Here’s a sneak preview before launching RSBlog!

2 perfect features for busy people: quickposts and remote publishing.

1. Quickposts

Quickposts are a breeze: just add the article title, content and tags on the "RSBlog!" dashboard, hit the "Publish" button
and you are ready to blog!

Moreover, if you’re using RSFiles! or RSComments!, within a few clicks, you can embed files in blog posts or enable/disable comments for the new post.

RSBlog! Quick posts

2. Remote publishing

If you’re on the move, then you’ll love this feature: post new articles on your blog by email.
All you need to do is to configure the remote publishing functionality in the backend panel, test the connection and you’re ready to blog!

RSBlog! - publish blog posts by email

3. Auto-Archive Posts

While you’re on the “Configuration” tab, why not enable the auto-archive posts older than a predefined time period ...

RSBlog! - autoarchive blog posts feature

... or quickly remove empty categories, groups and unused tags?

RSBlog! - remove empty categories, groups and unused tags

Ready to blog?

Stay close to get our special packages when launching RSBlog!: huge discounts and bundles for
RSBlog!+RSComments! and RSBlog!+RSFiles!

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