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Joomla! blog extension

Among search engine optimization, newsletter campaigns, PPC, banner ads, blogging has become a key promotional strategy : it strengthens your brand, promotes your image online, facilitates the “word of mouth” and helps you engage with your customers.

The blogging experience has just become better with the release of our newest Joomla! extension - RSBlog!

RSBlog! has all the features you need to get started:

1. Publish posts -easy as 1-2-3

Enjoy writing new content for your Joomla! blog with the quickposts feature and remote publishing while you’re on the move.
Set posts sticky, auto-archive and password protect them, using an intuitive dashboard for both beginners and advanced users.

RSBlog! dashboard
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Joomla! membership extension

We’ve put a lot of passion in developing RSBlog! - a fantastic blogging extension, designed in the RSJoomla! characteristic style:
an easy to use interface, social media integrations, trackback & ping articles, tag cloud & tag management, quick posts, remote publishing and many more.

Here’s a sneak preview before launching RSBlog!

2 perfect features for busy people: quickposts and remote publishing.

1. Quickposts

Quickposts are a breeze: just add the article title, content and tags on the "RSBlog!" dashboard, hit the "Publish" button
and you are ready to blog!

Moreover, if you’re using RSFiles! or RSComments!, within a few clicks, you can embed files in blog posts or enable/disable comments for the new post.

RSBlog! Quick posts

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