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RSForm!Pro OpenStreetMap plugin

A new plugin has joined the RSForm!Pro large portfolio as an alternative to the Google Map, more precisely, the OpenStreetMap plugin!

How to get the OpenStreetMap plugin:

Since this plugin is commercial and not included in the default RSForm!Pro package, this can be done in two ways:

  • If you don't own a RSForm!Pro subscription, you can purchase one along with this payment integration from the RSForm!Pro product page.
  • If you own an active RSForm!Pro subscription, you can purchase this plugin from My Memberships area > Buy extra plugins button, while logged in on our website with the account that holds the subscription. Further info here.
How to configure the plugin?

After downloading and installing the RSForm!Pro OpenStreetMap plugin from our website, you will be able to configure this from Components > RSForm!Pro > Configuration > OpenStreetMap tab.

Here you'll need to add credentials based on what service you'll be using:

  • MapBox Access Token: MapBox requires an Access Token provided after registration. See for more details.
  • Thunderforest API Key: Thunderforest requires an API Key which is provided after registration. See for more details.
  • Esri (ArcGIS) API Key: Esri (ArcGIS) requires an API Key which is provided after registration. See for more details.
How to configure the OpenStreetMap field?

After configuring the service (or services), in the new OpenStreetMap field available after installing the plugin, you can select the following services:

  • OpenStreetMap
  • MapBox with the following tiles: Streets, Dark, Light, Outdoors, Sattelite, Sattelite Streets, Navigation Day, Navigation Night
  • Thunderforest with the following tiles: Neighbourhood, OpenCycleMap, Transport, Landscape, Outdoors, Transport Dark, Spinal Map, Pioneer, Mobile Atlas, Atlas
  • Esri (ArcGIS) with the following basemap style services: ArcGIS:Streets, ArcGIS:Navigation, ArcGIS:NavigationNight, ArcGIS:StreetsRelief, ArcGIS:StreetsRelief:Base, ArcGIS:StreetsNight, ArcGIS:LightGray:Base, ArcGIS:LightGray:Labels, ArcGIS:Imagery, ArcGIS:Imagery:Standard, ArcGIS:Topographic, ArcGIS:Topographic:Base. You can also set a Custom Basemap style service.
  • Stamen with the following tiles: Terrain, Toner, Watercolor
  • Custom, where you can add tiles from different providers.
Find out more information about the RSForm!Pro OpenStreetMap plugin
in the link below!

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