RSDirectory! - 1.11.0 - Promoted Entry update, Vimeo field and various enhancements

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RSDirectory! 1.11.0

More RSDirectory! enhancements have arrived!

Let's have a sneak peek of the latest improvements of the latest RSDirectory! version - 1.11.0:

Upgraded Promoted Entries functionality

Promoting an entry plays an important role in your directory listings. Keeping this in mind we took another look and improved the way this is handled in RSDirectory!. You can now define different periods that can be applied to your entry to define the promoted status, similar to how the publishing period field works.

Since the promoted status and the publishing period work together, we have linked the two fields, this way you will only see the promoted periods that match your remaining publishing time for your entry.

You can also set a daily cost for the promoted status directly from the Promoted field configuration. This is useful when your publishing and promoted periods have different values that do not match. If the remaining publishing period is smaller than your smallest promoted period, then the remaining number of days will be multiplied with the daily cost for the promoted status and you will be able to promote your entry only for your remaining publishing time.

If your publishing time is bigger than your biggest available promoted period, then the component will take your biggest promoted period cost, then calculate the number of extra days remaining based on the daily cost and provide you with the option to promote your entry for the entire publishing time using a custom cost.

Vimeo field

Stream your Vimeo video using the latest addition to RSDirectory!'s field set. This new field provides various options which will allow you to customize your video, such as various size options, Autoplay functionality, Looping feature or its Byline (show the author of the video)

Improvements across board

Other improvements have been released as well, the circle used in the Map Radius Search layout can now be hidden and you can also control the color used for this from the menu item configuration.

You can now control the number of selections that can be made in Checkbox, Dropdown and Country fields by setting a minimum and maximum number of selections permitted.

The Link field also received an update and allows you to set the anchor text for your link.

We also implemented several fixes and optimizations to the source code in order to improve the overall functionality of the component.

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