RSEvents!Pro Update - OpenStreetMap integration and New payment integrations

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Good news for all RSEvents!Pro users!

We have released a new version of RSEvents!Pro which contains a new set of features and integrations:

OpenStreetMap Integration

Since the Google Map service is no longer free, we have respected the demands of our clients and included another map service, more precisely the OpenStreetMap service, which is free.

The map service can be easily changed by heading to Components > RSEvents!Pro > Settings > Maps tab and using the "Map Type" option.

The API Key or the Access token can be generated as mentioned in our documentation page.

Two new payment integrations

Having multiple payment options available for your events is a good way to increase subscribers, users will subscribe more easily if they have the payment gateway they are familiar with. The new RSEvents!Pro version now allows users to pay for their event subscriptions using:

  • Square payment integration
  • PayFast payment integration

Both the Square and PayFast plugins are commercial and needs to be purchased separately. You can buy these plugins by accessing Customer Area > My memberships > Active Memberships > clicking the 'Buy Extra Plugins' button of your RSEvents!Pro license

Improved Filtering options

Speakers play an important role in the success rate of your event, the latest version of RSEvents!Pro allows you to display only events that have specific speakers assigned through menu items and modules.

New option for global discounts area

RSEvents!Pro allows you to create a discount rule based on the number of purchased tickets. The discount will be applied if more than a configured number of tickets are purchased. This option can be seen by heading to Components > RSEvents!Pro > Discounts > and creating a new discount.

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