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We have quite a pleasant surprise for all you RSForm!Pro users out there: the Joomla! Registration functionality just got a major update, bringing to you all the features that you always wanted, but never had ... until now!

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Video presentation

If you don't feel like doing much reading and prefer just watching a video presentation of this release, just click on this video:

Otherwise, just keep reading:

Let users choose

The old version of the integration only allowed you to turn Joomla! Registration on or off for a particular form. Enabling the integration meant that each form submitter would forcibly get a new account based on the submitted information. Starting with the new version, you can give form submitters the choice of having a new account created or not, by simply adding a select field to the form and mapping it in the integration's configuration:

More information on how to implement this can be found in this documentation article.

Major improvements for Emails

RSForm!Pro's email sending functionality was in no way involved in the registration integration process. Everyone, in good justice, considered that to be a drawback, since this would have been a great opportunity to customize the User / Admin activation emails. The New Registration Plugin does just that, by automatically replacing the standard Joomla! activation emails. Just add your custom text and remember to add {user_activation} and {admin_activation} in the User / Admin emails so that the proper activation links get included.

Special actions following account activation

Maybe you want to redirect the user or admin to a specified URL after they activate an account? Or maybe you just want to show them a custom message? Both actions are now available in the integration's configuration area:

Designate a destination User Group

OK, so using a custom form to create a new account is a great idea in itself. But how 'bout some control over the account's group assignment? You asked for it and we delivered: the integration now includes a multiple selection list that will get populated with your configured Joomla! User Groups. Ctrl + Click the groups with which you want to associate the account and that's it!

How do you get it

The Joomla! User Registration Plugin is included in the RSForm! Pro subscription and it can be downloaded from the My Downloads section of our website!

If you just found out about RSForm!Pro and you wish to purchase it, you can do so from the product page.

An expired license can be renewed with a 30% discount (the discount is applied automatically).

Got some feedback for us?

The improvements and additions presented above were made possible because of the customer feedback that we've received over the years. However, your ideas regarding this integration are still welcomed, tell us what you think and what you would like to see next in the FEEDBACK section.

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