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Regardless if you want to grow your business or to keep up with the trends in online marketing, surely you are considering or already implementing an email campaign.

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We have quite a pleasant surprise for all you RSForm!Pro users out there: the Joomla! Registration functionality just got a major update, bringing to you all the features that you always wanted, but never had ... until now!

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05 Mar 2015 0 comments in RSForm!Pro
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The new version of RSForm!Pro comes with a completely rewritten, improved Backup / Restore feature. Read this post for more details.

06 Oct 2014 4 comments in RSForm!Pro
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Being derived from RSForm! - which is older than RSJoomla! itself - RSForm!Pro can be considered our oldest component still in development. The whole story started in 2007, when Alex's attention was caught by the, back then, freshly emerged CMS, Joomla!. His passion for programming gave birth to RSForm! - the Joomla! form builder.

7 Years of RSForm!Pro

03 Jun 2014 5 comments in RSForm!Pro
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A new version has just been released for RSForm!Pro - 1.49.0. It introduces some new features, and brings improvements and fixes to old ones, have a look!

02 Apr 2014 1 comments in RSForm!Pro
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