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Although it just got launched, RSContact! v1.1.0 is here! Due to the community's strong response to it, we decided to rethink, improve and even add some functionality that you suggested. Read more in this article.

What's new

One of the most requested features since launch was to set a field's value via URL. Our dev-team implemented a Javascript function that you can take advantage of in a simple and intuitive way. Although a more detailed explanation can be found here you can use this snippet to kickstart your project!

    RSContact.setValue('#field_id', 'custom-parameter'); // note that you can use this for all your fields, e.g.
    RSContact.setValue('#field_id_2', 'custom-parameter-2');

In order to set the fields through the URL you will simply have to use this (e.g. if module is placed on the frontpage):

What's improved

  • We added a fallback method in case the module is not able to send the submitted data through the emails. If this happens, you will get notified through the 'Messaging' component.
  • The zip code validation has been change to accept alphanumeric characters (A through Z and 0 through 9)
  • Source Code cleaned up to improve readability

What's fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the user's email was no longer sent if the one for the Admin failed.
  • Fixed - 'Module Class Suffix' was missing from the module's parameters.

New Ideas ? Tech-related issues ?

If there's anything you need help with, don't hesitate to submit your queries on the RSContact! forum section. We will do our best to point you in the right direction.

New features, new ways to enhance our module, basically anything you would like to be implemented in future releases, should be submitted in the Feedback Section.

Review it on JED!

Feedback is important as it drives further improvements. If you liked the component take a minute and share your experience on RSContact!'s page from Joomla! Extension Directory.

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No, RSSocial! does not include backlinks. Can you please elaborate on how is this message generated ?


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Why backlinks?


Joomla warns us that your extension inserts backlinks to the you (developer) and may impact SEO.

Why and how can I remove them?

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