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The RSShowcase! module is our brand-new, completely free solution for a frontend image gallery module. It is capable of displaying thumbnails of images gathered from either RSMediaGallery!, Flickr or Pinterest in a stylish manner.


Just by the use of tags, you can easily populate the module with thumbnails pulled directly from RSMediaGallery!. You are given the option to show / hide the images' titles, descriptions and numbering when viewed inside a slideshow, as well as some other options that are fully explained in our documentation.


The module can be synchronized with Flickr in order to show, on your website, pictures that are associated with your Flickr account. There is some information that needs to be gathered in order to set up the synchronization, but we've provided a complete guide in our documentation that will get you through the process.


You're also allowed to include public Pinterest images in the module's gallery. All you need to get this running is the poster's User ID and, optionally, a board name - if the images are organized in boards - and you're done.



Tell us what you think about this brand-new module. Our feedback section is always open for you to express your opinions and requests regarding our products.

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