RSSeo! Version 1.18.0 - improvements, fixes and new additions

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A new iteration of RSSeo! is at hand: Version 1.18.0 adds up to the ever-expanding list of new features and improvements that our SEO management component has to offer.

Add custom meta tags to your pages

Until this revision, the only meta data that could have been set up for website pages, with RSSeo!, was for the page's title, keywords and description. Although this covers the minimum required meta information for a page, you might need to add more tags. This is why we have introduced the possibility to add an unlimited number of <meta> tags and let you set their type, name and content.

Automatic sitemap generation

You no longer need to trigger the sitemap generation manually, as RSSeo! now offers the possibility to set up a cron task that will do it for you. Sitemaps are quite important for your website and keeping them up-to-date will increase your rank on search engines. This feature is particularly useful if your website is constantly changing, as it will always update the sitemap without any effort on your part. The cron task can be set up to be triggered either automatically, manually or in both ways. The component will automatically provide the URL needed for the cron task and a security token.

Extended Backup capabilities

RSSeo! is now capable of backing up more data than before. In addition to the Pages and Redirects tabs, the Backup / Restore feature now also exports the contents of the SEO Performance, Error pages and Keywords tabs as well.

Improved Redirects feature

Redirects can now be set up for groups of pages, as opposed to earlier versions, where you had to create a separate redirect for each page. To implement this, we have introduced the use of wildcards({?} replaces a single character, whereas {*} replaces any number of characters). Use wildcards if you wish to redirect from pages generated by certain features of a component or from the entire component's pages altogether.

Another improvement brought to this feature is the possibility to list all redirects that have actually taken place, and where they have originated from.

The list does not end here, read the changelog for a full list of improvements and additions that this new revision brings.

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Gagan - 04.04.2014 (12:18:08)

Sure, thanks


Alexandru Plapana - 04.04.2014 (05:42:40)

- "name" and "property" are the types for your custom meta data, not naming.

- it actually is on our TO DO list and will be added, but unfortunately we can't provide an estimate for this.


Gagan - 04.04.2014 (05:20:32)


- can custom meta can be extended by creating new parameters - apart from name & property

- for pagination, is rel next & rel previous a part as in the previous changelog, i mentioned it in comments and it was told that its in 'to do list'


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