RSBlog! rev. 11 - Improved backend and frontend functionality

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RSBlog! has just received a new revision, packed with new features for both frontend and backend users, that greatly extend the component's functionality.

Define emails for multiple languages

RSBlog! includes a number of emails that can be sent at different key points in the posting process (Moderation and New post emails) as well as some emails that regard the subscription process (Subscriber, Activate subscription, New subscriber, Confirmation and Unsubscribe emails). The new revision brings the possibility to configure these emails differently for each language used in the website's frontend.

Author profiles

A much-needed feature, creating author profiles is now possible with RSBlog!. You can set up an avatar image and a description (HTML code allowed in order to increase customization possibilities) for each profile which can later be viewed by frontend users.

The XMap plugin

This brand-new integration plugin is meant to aid Xmap users to more easily update their sitemaps with new blog posts. You can choose whether to show password protected posts, set a priority for RSBlog! pages and decide on a frequency by which RSBlog! pages are verified.

Improved category subscription process

Let your users know when new posts are added to their favorite categories by allowing them to subscribe to them. This process has been improved in 2 ways: the possibility to select more than one category in the subscription form is now present, as well as the possibility to unsubscribe from all categories through a selection in the subscription form.

JomSocial user points rule

Customers who are using a combination between RSBlog! and JomSocial can now set up a number of JomSocial user points that will be added to the users' JomSocial profiles for posting on the blog.

RSBlog! and Jomsocial

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