RSEvento! - Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x responsive template released

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RSEvento! - Joomla! responsive template

RSJoomla! launches a new template, RSEvento!, a template with a focus on event management. Fully responsive, intuitive and configurable, RSEvento! is Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x compatible.

Visual Presentation

How a template looks is more then pure visuals, besides providing a clean frontend behaviour, RSEvento! is also intuitive when it comes to event management websites. Have your events showed professionally with our template features, including over 45 module positions, 12 pre-defined colored schemes, easy logo and social link will suit the most peculiar needs:

RSEvento! vs RSEvents!Pro

The template's name is no coincidence, named after RSEvents!Pro, this template provides a seamlessly mixture with our known event management extension RSEvents!Pro. Without restrictions for other extensions, RSEvento! has been designed especially for RSEvents!Pro by providing custom stylish modules in the frontend area:

Template positions

Offering more then 45 module positions, this will satisfy even the most eccentric user needs. Besides the regular main-menu, breadcrumbs positions, its packed with fluid type positions that will self occupy their given row if empty positions are not used, this provides a clean look and more arrangement possibilities in the frontend.

The picture on the right explains their space orientation and arrangement.

RSEvento! with RSMediaGallery! Responsive Slideshow Module

The template comes with RSMediaGallery! and the Responsive Slideshow module (seen in the above pictures). Besides a media gallery at the tip of your fingers, this provide a top-notch slideshow that has responsive capabilities to suit a variety of devices.

Configuring the template

Configuration options are split into 4 tabs, Basic Options, Advanced Options, Logo Options and Social Links Options.

  • In the Basic Options tab you can select the color scheme, enable or disable the Main Menu effects, even hide the homepage content.
  • The Advanced Options tab provides some customization options for developers, like the possibility to disable Bootstrap and jQuery or specifying extra CSS selectors for the template's Google Font.
  • The Logo Options tab includes a number of customization settings for the website's logo. You can specify the logo's position (using one of the 3 top logo positions), choose whether to have it displayed as an image or text. Based on your choice, each has its own configuration options.
  • Using the Social Links Options tab you can link to your page on the most popular social networks out there: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Viveo, Flickr, Pinterest, Skype and Yahoo. These links will be displayed in one of the 3 top positions selected in this configuration tab.

You can find more information on RSEvento! here.

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Alexandru Plapana - 02.09.2013 (03:15:02)

Note that RSEvento! is a Joomla! template - RSEvents!Pro is an event management component. My recommendation would to read more on the component here:

Test it here:


Eduard - 24.08.2013 (06:22:58)
Question bout RS Evento and Events

I want to ask about your events extensions. I need the extension where we can add events which would be several times in a day (like films in cinema). Can I solve the problem with RS Events Pro or with RS Evento?


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