RSFiles! - Rev 11 - Improved design and usability

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RSFiles! is getting better and better with the new improvements. The new revision will allow you to upload multiple files at once, use RSMediaGallery! to show file screenshots and much more.

Multiple file uploads using AJAX

RSFiles! allows you to upload multiple files at once using the AJAX technology. You'll be able to set all the common parameters for these files at the time of upload, without needing to access them in a second time.

Before uploading the files, you will be able to publish them automatically, enable or disable statistics, set the date added and other parameters related to the files.

Screenshots integration with RSMediaGallery!

RSFiles! seamlessly integrates with RSMediaGallery!, allowing you to upload screenshots which will be associated with your file. You can now assign these screenshots from RSMediaGallery! to files by selecting one or more tags in the “RSMediaGallery! Integration” section of the Screenshots tab. Please note that both RSFiles! and RSMediaGallery! (at least Rev. 4) must be installed in order to see the Tags dropdown.

Customizable front-end File Download layout

RSFiles! now allows you to customize your front-end file download layout. You can now choose whether to show or not details like File description, File Size, Added date, Updated date, File version, Download hits, License or to show them only if they don’t have empty values.

Improved design and usability in the backend

RSFiles! now allows you to navigate more easily through the files and folders by adding the new navigation bar. The navigation bar lets you jump from child folders to parents and makes it easier to understand where you’re working with the files.

We have improved the search functionality which will now look for your search terms in the File name and File description as well. You’ll also be able to find users’ Briefcases easier this way.

For a list of all features added please consult the changelog.

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