New templates in RSBlog! Rev. 9

in RSBlog! on 19 Jul 2012 having 0 comments

As usual, we're constantly updating our products, bringing more features and improvements to our extensions. The new RSBlog! revision fulfills your latest requests, improving the product usability.

Navigation buttons for the blog posts

We added the navigation links to let your users read the next or the previous article. The navigation links can be configured in order to hide them or to show them on top or at the bottom of the article.

New blog designs

We have created 5 more template designs that look like the rsjoomla blog as some of you asked for it. The new designs match the blue, green, orange, purple and red colors.

Convert multiple posts to articles

The new revision of RSBlog! will allow you to convert more blog posts into articles at once. You'll be able to select the blog posts and then choose the Joomla! article category where these blog posts should be added.

The new revision comes with some small fixes as well regarding the moderation e-mails that were sent even if the owner was editing his pending blog post.

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