Notification emails and ticket history in RSTickets!Pro rev 7

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RSTickets!Pro- Joomla! help desk extension

We’ve released the 7th revision of RSTickets!Pro with new notification emails, ticket history and several fixes.

1. Notification emails

The "Email messages" tab now has 3 additional emails that allows you to notify the administrator/the staff members when tickets meet certain conditions:

  • for assigned & unassigned tickets: both notifications are sent when the number of replies with no staff response exceeds the configured number of replies
  • a notification email sent whenever a customer submits a ticket that includes certain keywords.

RSTickets!Pro notification emails

2. Customer's ticket history

Starting with revision 7, when replying to tickets, the staff members have access to all past tickets submitted by a certain customer.
The option is available through the new "Tickets history" tab.

RSTickets!Pro customers tickets history

Other improvements:

  • Updated - Reports Plugin is now using a new Javascript library
  • Added - The "Submit Ticket" menu item can now be set to not select any department by default
  • Fixed - Using UTF-8 encoding when converting HTML entities
  • Fixed - Reports Plugin was not displaying the graph

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