RSForm!Pro revision 34 released

in RSForm!Pro on 30 Dec 2010 having 4 comments

RSForm!Pro - Joomla! form extension

The new RSform!Pro revision brings improved functionality to its calendar, Submit and Continue buttons, Manage Submissions area and invisible CAPTCHA algorithm.

1. Calendar improvements

The RSForm!Pro calendar now includes year navigation for easy date selection and two new backend properties:

  • “Default Value”: you can set a default date that will be displayed when the form is loaded.

    RSForm!Pro calendar - set default value

  • “Min and Max Date”: you can specify the date interval on which the user can make a selection

RSForm!Pro calendar - date interval

2. Improved invisible CAPTCHA

We’ve improved the CAPTCHA algorithm for an increased spam protection for those of you that do not wish to add standard captcha images.

3. New options for advanced users:

We have added something special for our advanced users too.

  • You can now take control of the date string right after it is selected, by declaring the rsfp_onSelectDate() function in the JavaScript area (CSS/JavaScript tab).

    See the example

  • Another cool feature is that you can use Javascript triggers inside the Pagebreak elements (Additional Attributes area). The specified code will be executed just before the page is changed.

    See the example!

Read the complete changelog here

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Alexandru Plapana - 20.06.2013 (04:17:04)

Something similar is already available. Just have a look at revision 46 changelog:


Igors maslakovs - 19.06.2013 (08:56:47)
need help for calendar

I put in form two calendar fields.
In first calendar i set minimum date today
And in seconds the same, but if in first calendar i select 19 then in second i only can choose 20 (next day)
I relly need in second calendar select minimum the same date like in first.
This is form for cargo transportation and cargo can be transportad in one day.


Alexandru Plapana - 10.10.2012 (05:04:51)

You can simply use something like this within the Default Value area of the calendar field:

return date('Y-m-d');


Barry Perricone - 09.10.2012 (17:02:37)
Setting default date value

I would like to set the default value of a date field to the current date on which the page is displayed.


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