RSMail! rev. 11 released with an improved cron functionality

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Joomla! newsletter extension

We've released RSMail! revision 11 with new subscribe module features and an improved scheduled emails functionality.

1. Updated RSMail! Cron

With RSMail! you can send newsletters immediately or schedule their deployment.
Scheduling a newsletter requires a cron job which is useful when your hosting provider limits the number of e-mails allowed to be sent per hour.
Starting with RSMail! revision 11, we’ve optimized the newsletter sending algorithm to improve the cron functionality.

2. Intro text and post text for the subscribe module

In the RSMail! Subscribe Module, you can now add a message to your users before and after the subscription form: "Intro Text" and "Post Text".

RSMail! Subscribe Module updated

3. Message name

In the standard email set up form, besides the newsletter emails and subject, we’ve added a new field for the message name ... thus you can easily differentiate between several messages that have the same subject (but different content).

RSMail! newsletter message updated

Read the changelog here

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