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RSMail! - Joomla! newsletter extension

RSMail! revision 14 comes with absolute path support for links, additional newsletter reports (opens history), new unsubscribing options and several updates as well.


1. Absolute path support for links


Starting with this revision, RSMail! offers absolute path support not only for images, but for links too. When this option is enabled , RSMail! checks the newsletter for relative paths and if found, it automatically adds the domain in the URL.

14 Oct 2011 5 comments in RSMail!
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Since the Reporting Tool feature was the most requested on the feedback page, we have included it in the new RSTickets!Pro, so you can measure the quality of your Joomla! support department in a professional way .
These reports can show you how active and efficient are your staff members and how engaged and satisfied are your customers.

Reports and filters

The Reporting Tool includes 6 reports and 5 filters, to refine the results and generate reports with different levels of complexity. The charts will reveal the evolution of the support department. Below the chart, RSTickets!Pro calculates the minimum, maximum, average and the total of items for the chosen time unit.

RSTickets!Pro reporting tool

22 Jul 2010 0 comments in RSTickets!Pro
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