Ep. 46 - RSFirewall! - Joomla! security service - presentation

RSFirewall! actively protects your Joomla! website from intrusions and hacker attacks.



1. The CPanel Module:

  1. The Cpanel Module offers a summary of your website security status: website grade, the RSFirewall! and System Lockdown status (enabled, disabled), the latest RSFirewall! and Joomla! version installed and the latest security alerts.


2. System Check:

  1. System Check performs an extensive scan of your Joomla installation.
  2. During scanning, RSFirewall! checks the latest Joomla! and RSFirewall! versions installed.
  3. Checks if the Joomla! core files have been modified and offers a fix tool.
  4. Checks the folder and file permissions and automatically changes folder and file permissions (if server allows it).
  5. Checks malware patterns: shell patterns inside files and a list of known malware files.
  6. Checks the file and folder access: the Joomla! temporary folder, the log folder and the configuration.php file.
  7. RSFirewall! checks the PHP configuration for potential vulnerabilities.
  8. Checks Joomla! users for weak passwords and other classic vulnerabilities.
  9. Verifies if you have installed a Jumi vulnerable version.
  10. Checks for potential vulnerabilities in your Joomla! configuration.
  11. Finally, RSFirewall! calculates the website grade: an indicator of your site security level


3. Database Check:

  1. You can optimize and repair database errors with the "Database check".


4. System Logs:

  1. The "System Logs" tool tracks all important security events


5. System Lockdown:

  1. The "System Lockdown" tool denies the access to Joomla! installer and blocks backend user registration. New backend users will be immediately deleted and you won't be able to install new extensions.


6. Firewall Configuration:

  1. Firewall configuration allows you to enable/disable security options: you can enable a master and an additional backend password, add IP addresses to the blacklist/whitelist to deny/allow access, control the backend users access.
    You can also set the number of files/folders to check in one cycle and ignore certain files/folders during the System Check.
  2. You can enable/disable the protection against DoS attacks, SQL, JS & PHP injections.
  3. You can configure RSFirewall! to verify files for malware patterns and the core Joomla! files integrity and to monitor changes that are made to certain files, or users.
  4. RSFirewall! alerts you each time a security event occurs.


7. RSS Feeds Configuration:

  1. You can configure RSS feeds to be up to date with the latest Joomla! security alerts.


8. Updates:

  1. The "Updates" tab offers a simple way to receive updates directly in the backend panel.


Test RSFirewall!



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