RSEvents!Pro - Google Calendar Synchronization

RSEvents!PRO incorporates a feature that allows you to import events directly from your Google Calendar. In the video above we present the steps that need to be followed for the import procedure.

The link between RSEvents!PRO and Google Calendar is made through its API key that you need to grab from:

Note: You need to have installed the latest version of RSEvents!Pro. In order to download the latest version login on our website with the account that holds the subscription and head to the Downloads section.


In Google Developers Console:

  • Login using your Google account and create a new Project
  • Go to APIs and enable Calendar API and Contacts API
  • Select Credentials and click on "Create a new Client ID"
  • Select Web application and click on the "Configure consent screen" button
  • Add a "Product name" and Save
  • Add your site or http://localhost to "Authorized Javascript origins"
  • Under "Authorized redirect URIs" add the following:
  • Click on Create Client ID
  • The "Client ID" and "Client secret" will be used in RSEvents!Pro configuration.

In RSEvents!PRO:

  • Head to Components > RSEvents!PRO > Settings and switch to Synchronization tab
  • Fill your Google "Client ID" and "Client secret", choose category or location and Save your settings
  • When you are ready click on Synchronize button
  • A notification message will show-up and let you know how many events were imported
  • You can now send invitation to email contacts by clicking on the "From Gmail" button within your event invite form.

After following those instructions, all Google Calendar events are now available in RSEvents!Pro.


Alexandru Plapana - 26.01.2016 (05:25:37)

The customer support service is best suited to help you with this.


Curtis Price - 22.01.2016 (01:37:18)
Google Calendar Sync Issue

I am trying to sync my client's Google Calendar into RSEvents Pro, but when I enter the Client ID and Secret in RSEvents Pro in Joomla, I am getting the following error:

400. That’s an error.
Error: redirect_uri_mi smatch
Application: RSEvents!Pro
You can email the developer of this application at: tootscandc@gmai
The redirect URI in the request: http://tootscakecandys & did not match a registered redirect URI.
Learn more
Request Details
approval_prompt =auto
redirect_uri=http://tootscakecandys &
client_id=1024851484880-bb9s9ee69f4kq42 0j150oqg4isu1o97n.apps.googleuserconte

Here is the Google Secret: Zgip9bwANj25oGP Gdz7i5H87

Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thank you.


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