Ep. 87 - Creating recurring events with RSEvents!Pro

RSEvents!Pro allows the automatic creation of repeated events. This is done through the use of the Recurring feature. In the video above we present an implementation example for this feature, by creating a recurring event which will be repeated each Friday and Saturday, until the end of the current month. Please follow these steps to reach the same results:

  • Head to Components >> RSEvents!Pro >> Events and click on New
  • Set up the event's name, starting and ending date in the Event details tab (note that you can edit the start and end time fields and manually enter the time)
  • In the same tab, check Recurring event. A new tab will be opened, Recurring
  • In the Recurring tab, set Repeat every to 1 days and End repeat date to the last day of the month by selecting it from the calendar field
  • Click within the Repeat on textarea and select Friday and Saturday
  • Check Apply changes to all occurrences and click on Update event

An implementation of the same scenario, along with some additional explanations can be found in the How to create recurring events article in RSEvents!Pro's FAQ section.


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