Ep. 26 - RSComments!- Joomla! Comment System - backend presentation

This episode presents the most important backend features included in RSComments!.

The "Comments" tab:

  1. The "Comments" tab displays all published and unpublished comments, as long with the author information (his name, email, website and IP)and the coresponding component: article, blog or component.


The "Subscriptions" tab:

  1. The "Subscriptions" tab lists all users' subscriptions with their email adresses.


The "Groups" tab:

  1. The "Groups" tab allows administrators to manage permissions for every Joomla! user group: public users, registered, author, editor, publisher, public back-end, manager, administrator, super-administrator.


Import comments to RSComments!:

  1. Administrators can use the built-in importer to import comments or one of the following plugins: JComments , !JoomlaComment , JomComments, JX-Comments


The "Configuration" tab:

  1. In the "Configuration" tab, you can configure comments: set the Akismet key, choose the option for the avatar: Gravatar, JomSocial, Kunena, FireBoard and Community Builder, enable BBCode, smilies, votes, the number of comments per page, the maximum comment length, set the Captcha, the comment layout, set the filters and the notification and subscription message.


The "Updates" tab:

  1. The "Updates" tab allows you to easily update the component to the latest version.


Test RSComments! in frontend


Test RSComments! in backend



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