The Configuration tab (Components > RSComments!, then click the "Options" button) is the place where general component settings can be adjusted. For better navigation, these have been divided into 5 tabs:

  • Please enter your license code to receive updates: the license code required to receive updates. This is available in the > My Downloads area, after you have registered a domain.
  • Date and Time Format: A mask used to display the date. This is based on the PHP date masks.
  • Enable RSS: Enabling this option will display the RSS icon.
  • Load Bootstrap: No / Yes
  • Load jQuery in backend: No / Yes
  • Load jQuery in frontend: No / Yes
  • Load font Awesome: No / Yes
  • Store IPs: No / Yes
  • Require consent: No / Yes
  • Default Modal: choose either Joomla! Bootstrap v2 modal or Magnific Popup when opening frontend modal links.

Comment form
  • Comment form position: can be Below the comment list or Above the comment list
  • Author name: Joomla! name / username. In the author area of the comment the name or username can be displayed
  • Show form labels: If enabled the form fields labels will be shown.
  • Enable location: This will allow users to share their location (if enabled, a new field will appear - Google Maps API Key).
  • Anonymous comments: Yes / No, enabling this option will not make the Name and Email address required anymore
  • Show subject: Yes / No, if enabled a subject text box will be added to the commenting form
  • Show website: Yes / No, if enabled a web text box will be added to the commenting form
  • Add rel='nofollow' to website : this will prevent search engines to follow foreign links on your website. This will only be added for links that are added via the website field
  • Enable smiles: emoticon buttons will be displayed in the comment submission form
  • Enable BBCode: the BBCode bar will displayed in the comment submission form (if user has enough RSComments! group permissions)
  • Enable votes: enabling this option will allow visitors to vote for comments (if visitor has enough RSComments! group permissions)
  • Enable Subscriptions: Yes / No - if enabled, registered viewers will be able to subscribe a commenting thread
  • Show subscribe checkbox: if enabled a subscription check will be added to the commenting form
  • Enable Terms and Conditions: if enabled, Terms and Conditions will be added to the comment form
  • Enable upload: Yes / No - if enabled the comment submitter will be able to upload a file to its comment
  • Maximum file size: - specified in MB
  • Allowed extensions: a list of the allowed file extensions that can be uploaded (each on a new line)
  • Minimum comment length: you can't add a comment with a smaller length then the one specified here
  • Maximum comment length: how many characters can be used within a comment
  • Show remaining characters counter: Yes / No
  • Enable accordion effect: Yes / No - the commenting form can be toggled.
  • The comment form will be : Closed / Opened. If the accordion effect is used, this option will set the current state of the form.
  • Enable accordion effect: Option to enable this effect on the front-end comment list

Comments list
  • Comments per page: the maximum number of comments that will be displayed on a page
  • Hide comments from these Joomla! categories: categories that RSComments! will not be displayed on(press CTRL to select multiple categories)
  • Enable avatar: if this option is enabled, the comment will also display a image of the person who has submitted the comment. The avatar can be imported from: Gravatar, Community Builder, JomSocial, Kunena, Fireboard
  • Avatar size: set the default size of the avatar
  • Show User Social Link: no link, Community Builder, JomSocial. The avatar can be linked to the listed profiles, depending on the installed components.
  • Comments display order: Most recent first/last
  • Show 'No comments' text: Yes / No - if enabled the text will be displayed if no comments are available
  • Enable last edited text: enable this to show when and who edited the comment
  • Enable reports: enable this to allow people to report comments
  • Enable captcha for reports: before submitting a report, users will be prompted with captcha anti-spam security
  • Enable Report notifications: if set to "yes" the a notification email can be sent when a report is submitted
  • Report emails: Report notification emails will be sent to these email addresses, emails should be separated by using a comma
  • Enable Email notifications: if set to "yes" the a notification email can be sent when a new comment is submitted
  • Notification emails: Notification emails will be sent to these email addresses, emails should be separated by using a comma


The Captcha tab offers some controls over the anti spam options that can be enabled on your commenting form:

  • Spam protection: Built-in captcha / reCaptcha. RSComments! comes by default with a integrated captcha system but, if preferred, it can use reCaptcha
Built-in captcha
  • Number of Characters: numerical value. This option allows you to set how many chars the built-in captcha will generate (does not apply if reCaptcha is used)
  • Generate lines: if enabled some lines will be added to generated captcha image (built-in) making it harder for some spam boots to pass through
  • Case sensitive: the validation of the generated chars will be case sensitive. For example, if the captcha generates "AB" the system will only validate "AB" not "ab"
reCAPTCHA v2 Settings
  • reCAPTCHA Site Key: you can get this by registering your domain on the Google reCAPTCHA account
  • reCAPTCHA Secret Key: you can get this by registering your domain on the reCAPTCHA account
  • reCAPTCHA Theme: chose the color theme of the reCAPTCHA widget
  • Type (Fallback): chose the type of CAPTCHA to serve


The Filter tab allows you to set what words can be filtered upon posting a comment:

  • Akismet key: to use the Akismet comment validation you will require a key. Using the Akismet option will provide some protection against spammers.
  • Interval between posts: what time should pass before a new comment can be added by you.
  • Word length: the maximum number of chars a word can have. This is useful for preventing the comment to break the layout.
  • Hide comment limit: sets the limit of negative votes a comment has before gets automatically hidden, use 0 for no limit
  • Add 'nofollow' attribute to the comment links: you can set this attribute to notify the search engines not to pass PageRank to the linked page.
  • Forbidden names: the listed names can't be used when filling up the comment form(each on a new line).
  • Censored words: a list of the words that will be censored. Each has to be separated by comma (,)
  • Word replacement: the censored words(each on a new line) can be replaced with the configured chars. For example: *****
  • Block users: listed users are not able to comment(each on a new line).
  • Block IP's: listed IP's are not able to comment(each on a new line).

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