Group Permissions

The Group Permissions tab providers a restriction center for users depending on their type. To access it, head to Components > RSComments! > Group Permissions, you will be presented with a listing of the custom RSComments! groups.

Clicking on one of the user group types will open up a page that will display the current group restrictions in which you can modify based on your scenario. For example, the Public user group cannot post comments unlike the Registered one.

Group Details
  • Group Name : this is the group name
  • Joomla Group : select the Joomla group for which the permissions will be applied

  • Post new comments : allows user to post or not comments
  • Edit own comments : if enabled the user will be allowed to edit his own comment
  • Delete own comments : if checked the user will be allowed to delete his comments
  • Edit other comments : if checked the user will be able to edit other comments
  • Delete other comments : if checked the user will be able to delete other comments
  • Allow BBCode : allow users to add BBCode to comments (BBCode options can be found below)
  • Allow voting for comments : if enabled the guest will be able to vote comments
  • Auto-subscribe to thread : users will be auto-subscribed to what they are commenting
  • Allow to open/close threads : if enabled, it will allow users that belong to this group to disable or enable the commenting form on commenting threads
  • Allow reply : if enabled, users that belong to this group will be allowed to reply to comments
  • Enable comment preview : if enabled, users can preview their comment before posting it.

  • Publishing : allow this group to moderate comments
  • Auto-publish comments : posted comments by this group will be published automatically (without the need for a moderator to publish it from the back-end area)

  • View author's email address : display the comment submitter email address
  • View author's IP : display the comment submitter IP
  • Enable Captcha : if enabled, a captcha spam image protection will be placed on the comment submission form.
  • Censor bad words : if enabled the comment will be filtered with configured censored words: Components > RSComments! > Configuration > Filter
  • Enable flood control : if enabled the time between consecutive posts will be enforced e.g. comments need to be at least x seconds apart
  • Disallow forbidden names : if enabled, this group will not be able to use the Forbidden names configured: Components > RSComments > Configuration > Comments > Forbidden names


Enabling or disable the following options will change the available BBCode options:

  • Enable bold tag
  • Enable italic tag
  • Enable underling tag
  • Enable stroke tag
  • Enable quote tag
  • Enable list tags
  • Enable image tag
  • Enable url tag
  • Enable code tag
  • Enable spoiler tag
  • Enable videos tags

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