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Ranging from car sales, resumees or job applications to real estate markets, directory oriented websites are in high demand. With RSDirectory! you can easily create your own directory website without having any prior experience. Aside from the powerful set of features available in the component, RSDirectory! also offers a complete set of sample data to help you better understand the requirements of such a project.

  • Create either a paid or free directory
  • Differentiate between free & paid ads
  • Create dependencies (eg. Car maker > Model);
  • Assign forms to categories - forms can be reused on multiple categories;
  • Assign fields to forms - fields can also be reused in multiple forms, allowing for a powerful filtering & search tool;
  • Map radius search functionality (both through a menu item and a module)
  • Migrate from SobiPro
  • Import data from CSV files
  • Easily migrate your data through the backup/restore feature

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Joomla! Directory & Ads Management

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Even if your subscription expires, you will still be able to use the component, the component's functionality is not affected by your subscription's status.

The only restrictions applied are the fact that you are no longer eligible to extension related downloads( updates, plugins, modules, component downloads) and you will no longer receive customer support for your registered domain(s).


Yes. You can upgrade your subscription from Single Site to Multi-site just by paying the difference. This upgrade is available for subscriptions of the same type, meaning you can only upgrade your 12 months single site subscription to a 12 months multi-site one. When upgrading, the subscription period will not be extended, you will benefit from the advantages of the multi site subscription for the remainder of your current subscription.


Yes. The component can be installed on any domains you want, but support will be provided for 1 domain of your choice. The domain can be changed up to a maximum of 3 times. Don't forget, once the domain is changed, you will get new licence code.


All our extensions are listed under the GNU/GPL license, thus once you purchase and download an extension you will have full access to the source code. You are free to edit or modify this according to your needs, but don't forget that all source code changes are lost when an update is performed.


Yes! A 30% discount when renewing 12 months multi-site subscriptions (this discount is applied automatically).

Discounts are not cumulative. You can't have more than one discount for a subscription.

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What can you do with RSDirectory!

Advanced category management

Advanced category management

  • Unlimited & nested categories: You can create an unlimited number of categories and subcategories. A visual representation of subcategories was implemented for easier identification.
  • Ability to emulate categories through the use of custom fields and the "Categories from Fields Values" Menu Item: The Categories from Fields Values menu item is capable of displaying a field's default values and creating categories based on these values. Clicking on a category / value will list all entries that have the value assigned for that field.
  • Batch add categories: Categories and subcategories can be added in large numbers without the need to go through the single category addition process every time, using the Batch add feature.

Customize your layout through placeholders

Customize your layout through placeholders

Generate the title of the listing with the use of placeholders: Templates can be created for an entry submission form's title, big / small subtitle and description using some user and entry-related placeholders.

Unlimited custom fields and forms

Unlimited custom fields and forms

  • Fields can be reused in different forms: We have adopted a fresh approach when creating forms. You only need to define a certain field once, and reuse it in as many forms you want.
  • Standard fields: The following fields will be added by default to any form: Title, Big & small subtitle, Description, Images, Price, Publishing Period, Promoted.
  • Custom fields: Aside from the standard fields mentioned above, you can create any number of custom fields of the following types: Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown, Checkbox Group, Radio Group, File Upload, Country, Calendar, Dropdown Date Picker, Column / Tab / Pagebreak, Map, Free Text.
  • Field dependencies (eg. Make > Series > Model): You can set up dependencies between fields so that selecting a certain value in a field will enable the associated set of values in a second field which is dependent on the first.

Monetize your website

Monetize your website

  • Charge when specific custom fields are used: Set up a number of credits the users will be charged for when filling out a custom field for an entry, for example a subtitle that stands out or an extra image
  • Integrating with the most popular payment gateways: We have integrated PayPal, 2Checkout & support through their respective plugins.
  • Credit Packages: Create credit packages for your users to purchase through the Buy Credits menu item. These credits will be later used for adding new entries. A package can also be set up to offer unlimited credits.

Reports, ratings & reviews

Reports, ratings & reviews

You can turn your customers into active contributors by letting them post their reviews and rate entries. A customizable reporting tool is also included, it can prove itself very efficient in keeping your entries well organized.

Customizable & unlimited emails

Customizable & unlimited emails

Set up emails that will be sent when the entry has been submitted, published, unpublished, deleted or reviewed. Ability to select the category for which these emails apply.

Responsive through Bootstrap

Responsive through Bootstrap

The component's frontend was designed to be resposive. Your directory will look good on PC's, tablets and smartphones alike.

Search for entries on the map

Search for entries on the map

Associate each entry with a location on the map and enable frontend users to search for entries by location and radius, the map initializing based on the user's location.

Import and migration tools

Import and migration tools

You can either migrate from SobiPro using a specialized feature or import data from CSV files.

Save your data

Save your data

The Backup / Restore tool allows saving all of RSDirectory!'s tables in a single ZIP archive and later reverting to it. This can be done multiple times, each saved file will be cached and available for use at any time.

Extensive configuration options

Extensive configuration options

  • Watermark uploaded images: Watermarks can be added for all uploaded images. This feature includes some very useful configuration options like the watermark's position, opacity and size.
  • CAPTCHA & ReCAPTCHA support: Anti-spam protection is a must in today's websites. To help you keep your directory clean from spambots, we have included CAPTCHA and ReCAPTCHA support.
  • Comments support: Implement frontend commenting through one of the following systems: RSComments!, Facebook Comments & Disqus.

Client Testimonials


Frontend Modules

The RSDirectory! Credits Module simply displays the logged in user's remaining credits as you can view in the picture below

Certain search filters may be applied the RSDirectory! Filtering Module module based on how you configure the Searchable area of your Fields. Basically this module provides an advanced search for your entries

The Newest Entries module lists the most recently added entries

Use this module if you want to display entries that are related to the one you are currently viewing.

This module provides a simple functionality which implies searching for entries by keywords and either a selected category or all categories.

The Popular Entries module lists the most viewed entries.

The Top Rated Entries module lists the most best rated entries.

This module will display a previously set number of entries that were visited recently.

You can use this module to display a carousel containing entries, in one of your website's template positions.

This module displays a listing of all available RSDirectory! categories.

Using the RSDirectory! Map Search module you can allow your frontend users to search for directory entries based on the category, location, radius or even price.

This module, as the name says, can be used in order to display more entries added by the same user who added the current entry.

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Available Language Packs:

Bulgarian Dutch French Portuguese UK English

We only release our extensions in English. All other language packs are donated by the community. Please note that not all translations may be complete, up to date or correct.

Technical Specifications


Please make sure you are running the latest versions of Joomla!. Our extensions are developed and tested to work only with the latest versions of Joomla!
The minimum requirements to run RSDirectory! are:
  • Joomla! 3.7
  • PHP 5.3
  • MySQL 5.x
  • Support for GD + FreeType for thumbnail rendering & CAPTCHA.
    fsockopen must be enabled for ReCAPTCHA to work.
    cURL is needed for the Payment Plugins.
We recommend:
  • Joomla! latest version
  • PHP 7.x
  • MySQL 5.x