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This module, as the name says, can be used in order to display more entries added by the same user who added the current entry.

RSDirectory! More from this user module
Downloading and Installing the module

The module can be downloaded by logging into our website using the account that holds the RSDirectory! subscription and heading to Downloads > RSDirectory! > view all plugins and modules > RSDirectory! Files > Modules and downloading the More from this user archive.


In order to install the module you will have to login into your admin panel and head to Extensions > Manage > Install tab > Browse for the module archive you have downloaded from our website and hit the "Upload & Install" button.

Module configuration options

Within the module configuration page are available the following options:

  • Custom Itemid:
  • Module Class Suffix: A suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the module.
  • Max # of entries: The maximum number of entries.
  • Display: Display the entries horizontally or vertically.
  • Same Category: By setting this to Yes, only the entries located in the same category as the current entry will be displayed.
  • Price variation: Enable/disable the price variation.
  • Price variation: The price variation %. Display the related entries whose price variates between +/- price variation %.
  • Display thumbs: Display the entry's thumbnail.
  • Thumbnail max width: The width for the thumbnails.
  • Thumbnail position: The position for the thumbnail: Left/Top/Right/Bottom
  • Display titles: Display the entry's title.
  • Display prices: Display the entry's price
  • Display ratings: Display the entry's ratings


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