Filtering Module

Description: Certain search filters may be applied the RSDirectory! Filtering Module module based on how you configure the Searchable area of your Fields. Basically this module provides an advanced search for your entries.

  • Custom Itemid: You can place the item id of the List Entries menu item here. When submitting the search criteria, the user will be redirected to an instance of the List Entries menu item baring the same settings as the one you have added to your website.
  • Module Class Suffix: This suffix will be added to the module's CSS class. Use this option for individual module styling.
  • Show Categories: Choose whether to allow frontend users to choose one or more categories to filter by. The module will only search within the selected category / categories.
  • More: Adds a Show more button if a field has more items than specified here. Particularly useful if you have fields that contain large numbers of items which will require scrolling down a long way.

Since the version 1.6.0 the filtering module will display the number of entries for each category and a new Sliding range has been added. Full changelog here.

You can read more on how to install RSDirectory! modules here.



  • The "RSDirectory! Filtering Module" will only show on the List Entries (menu item) page(s).
  • The module will only include, in its layout, fields that are common for all of the selected categories. If, for example, you choose 2 categories and a field is only found within one of them, it will not be displayed in (nor searched for by) the module.
  • Users who have permissions to view all unpublished entries or view own unpublished entries are given the option to search by the entry's status. A Status field will be automatically displayed.

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