JomSocial plugin

This plugin allows you to display, in your users' JomSocial profiles, the latest entries that they have submitted using RSDirectory!.


Installing the plugin

This is done using the standard Joomla! installation process.



After installing the plugin, head to Extensions >> Plugin Manager >> look for the RSDirectory! - JomSocial plugin and edit it. The following parameters can be configured:

  • Core Application: Yes / No - Set this application to not appear in the users applications list. This will, however, allow it to automatically appear in the user profile if selected.
  • Caching: Use Global / No - Choose whether to cache the plugin's contents or not
  • Default ordering: Entry title / Publishing date - Choose the criteria that the entries will be listed by
  • Default ordering direction: Ascending / Descending - Select a direction for the ordering
  • Open links in: New page / Current page - When clicking on a link, choose whether it will be opened in a new page or on the same one.

Important: Make sure to publish the plugin after installing it for the integration to work.

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