Recently Visited Entries module

Description: This module will display a previously set number of entries that were visited recently.

  • Custom Itemid: You can place the item id of the Single Entry menu item here. When clicking on an entry, the user will be redirected to an instance of the Single Entry menu item baring the same settings as the one you have added to your website.
  • Module Class Suffix: This suffix will be added to the module's CSS class. Use this option for individual module styling.
  • Max # of entries: Set a maximum number of entries to be displayed within the module.
  • Display: Select the manner in which the entries will be displayed: Horizontal / Vertical.
  • Display thumbs: Set whether to display entry thumbnails or not.
  • Display titles: Set whether to display entry titles or not.
  • Display prices: Set whether to display entry prices or not.
  • Display ratings: Set whether to display entry ratings or not.
  • Thumbnail max width: Set a maximum width that will be assigned to the entries' thumbnails.

You can read more on how to install RSDirectory! modules here.


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