Map Search module

Using the RSDirectory! Map Search module you can allow your frontend users to search for directory entries based on the category, location, radius or even price.

Downloading and Installing the module

The module can be downloaded by logging into our website using the account that holds the RSDirectory! subscription and heading to Downloads > Paid Downloads > RSDirectory! > Modules & Plugins > Modules and downloading the Map Search module.


In order to install the module you will have to login into your admin panel and head to Extensions > Manage > Install tab > Browse for the module archive you have downloaded from our website and hit the "Upload & Install" button. .

Module configuration options

Within the module configuration page are available the following options:

  • Show Categories: Display a list of categories to search in.
  • ShowShow Price Range: Display a price range to search in.
  • Default Location: Display specified location as default on the map.
  • Default Radius: Display the specified radius as default on the map.
  • Circle Color: Set the color for the radius circle.
  • Use Browser Geolocation: Try to pinpoint the location of the visitor using browser geolocation coordinates.
  • Display Results: Display a list of search results under map.
  • Width: Set the map width(you can use px or %)
  • Height: Set the map height(you can use only fixed values)
  • Info Window Width: Set the width of window displayed when clicking on the map marker.
  • Info Window Height: Set the height of window displayed when clicking on the map marker.
  • Show Title: Show entry title in the window displayed when clicking on the map marker.
  • Show Price: Show entry price in the window displayed when clicking on the map marker.
  • Show Ratings: Display entry price in the window displayed when clicking on the map marker.
  • Show Favorites Button: Display entry favorite button in the window displayed when clicking on the map marker.

Search results

When performing a new search using the module criteria(category, price range, location, radius etc.) the results will be displayed in two places:

  • On the map: Each of the entries found will be marked with a red pinpoint on the map.
  • Bellow the map: The Map Search module displays a list of results as well. The list is positioned bellow the map and has its own features:
    • Image thumbnail: The image thumbnail with the selected dimensions will be displayed in the results list.
    • Entry title: The entry title will be found as well in the results list. Clicking on the title will redirect you to the details page of the entry.
    • Location: The result entry will contain its location bellow the title.
    • Pinpoint marker: Clicking on this marker will highlight the entry on the map, opening its details window. The info window will contain the title, the price and the rating of the selected entry.

How to use the module

Let's suppose you want to display the module in a top position of your website (in this example Protostar - banner position). After installing the module, using the steps described above, head to Extensions > Modules > enable the RSDirectory! Map Search and click on it.


In the module configuration page we will set all the options to "Yes", enter New York as the "Default Location", set the height of the map to "300", choose yellow for our radius circle and let the rest of the options as default. From the "Module Assignment" we will choose to display the module on all pages.


Let's take a look into the frontend. We will see the module in the selected position, with the enabled fields and with the default location already selected on the map. Since we have enabled the "Use Browser Geolocation" option, the browser will ask us if we want to share our location. After clicking on the "Share location" button of the displyed window, you will notice that the map has switched its default location with our location and now you are able to see the closest entries within the selected radius.


You can also search for a location using the "Location" field at the top of the map. When searching for a specific location(if there are entries associated with that location), you will notice that the results will be displayed on the map(marked by a red pinpoint) and also bellow the map as a results list.


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