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Today we’ve released an exciting plugin addressed to all WordPress users that want to migrate their blog to Joomla!: RSBlog! WordPress Plugin. This plugin allows you to import the WordPress blog posts directly to RSBlog!

Step 1:

First, access your rsjoomla.com account and download the RSBlog! WordPress Plugin from Resources >> Customer Downloads >> RSBlog! membership >> Downloads >> Plugins >> “Import WordPress posts into RSBlog!”

Step 2:

Install the RSBlog! WordPress Plugin using the default Joomla! installer.

Step 3:

Publish the plugin in the “Plugin Manager” area.

Publish the RSBlog! Wordpress plugin

Step 4:

The integration requires a connection between your Joomla! and Wordpress databases. You will need to enter the following information in the "Import" tab of RSBlog! : username, password, host, database name & prefix.

For a smoother migration, we've added 2 additional functionalities:

  • import comments from the WordPress blog to the configured RSBlog! comment extension.
  • ability to synchronize WordPress authors with Joomla! users when their emails match.

Import blog posts from Wordpress to Joomla!

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