RSFeedback! revision 2 released with feedback and category moderation

in RSFeedback! on 22 Nov 2010 having 0 comments

Joomla! Feedback extension

We’ve released the second RSFeedback! revision with 2 new moderation options and statistical data about the submitted feedbacks.

1. Feedback and category moderation

For each RSFeedback! user group, administrators can enable/disable the feedback and the category moderation from the “Groups” tab.
When these options are active, the submitted feedbacks/categories require the admin approval before publishing them in frontend.

RSFeedback! feedback and category moderation

2. Feedback hits

Starting with rev. 2, RSFeedback! shows the feedback hits (how many times has been a feedback clicked ) when accessing the “Feedbacks” tab.

RSFeedback feedback hits

So, what other features do you need to be implemented in RSFeedback!?

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