New RSFinder! revision - with K2, Virtuemart and RSEvents! items quick access

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RSFinder! integration with K2, Virtuemart and RSEvents!

RSFinder! is a "must have" for Joomla! administrators.

It helps you quickly access anything in the backend panel, from articles, menus to Joomla! components.

Think of the following situation: you have a website with a significant amount of articles and you want to access a specific article.

Instead of going to the “Article Manager” and apply filters to find the article, it's easier to use RSFinder.

1. Search for RSEvents! events

With RSFinder!, you can now search in backend, for events created with RSEvents!.
Just type in the RSFinder! box the first letters of your event and it will automatically display the results.

Search RSEvents! events in the backend Joomla! panel

2. Search for K2 items

In the first RSFinder! revision, we’ve added the ability to also search for items in the CCK component - K2:

  • K2 modules - K2 login, K2 content, K2 comments, K2 tools, K2 users, K2 Quickicons
  • K2 plugins - Search K2, System K2 and User K2.
  • K2 articles

Search K2 items in the backend Joomla! panel

3. Search for Virtuemart items

Starting from this new version, RSFinder! allows you to quickly access Virtuemart items:

  • search and edit specific shopping cart products
  • easier way to add new Virtuemart products

Search Virtuemart items in the backend Joomla! panel

You can disable the K2 and Virtuemart searches, wich are active by default, in the plugin area: Extensions >> Plugin Manager >> System RSFinder >> Plugin Parameters

Try the new RSFinder! on RSEvents!, Virtuemart and K2 and tell us what you think!

Download RSFinder! Now

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Jason Bavington - 28.09.2010 (08:45:58)

An awesome module that comes in handy all the made even better!

Thank you for the quality software.


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