See you again at the #jab11!

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Joomla! and Beyond event - 2010

As we're expected, the J and Beyond 2010 event was fantastic: a massive density of Joomla! geeks gathered to share ideas and knowledge acquired within years of development.

It has been a nice experience to meet the people behind the screens and associate a real face to a photo or avatar from twitter, Facebook or the Joomla! forums. (You can find lots of photos from the event on the JandBeyond Flickr group.)

Besides the 45 speakers invited to held presentations, there were organized, for the first time, the Joomla! Oscar awards for extensions, templates, websites and individuals.

Congratulations to the winners!

Special thanks to the organizing team that have put an effort in creating this wonderful event (although the event has finished, there are some organizers that still have a lot of work with the 70 hours of video registered during the event).

We are proud to be the members of such a strong community as Joomla! is and as Brian Teeman said it very well:
There is no I in Joomla!
See you next year at the #jab11!

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