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RSBlog! New Version

We are excited to announce several new functionalities in RSBlog! that enhance its versatility and usability.

These updates include support for Joomla! custom fields, improved frontend pagination settings, remote post authoring options, microdata management, and the ability to send emails to subscribers using a cron job.

Support for Joomla! Custom Fields

RSBlog! now supports Joomla! custom fields. Whether you need extra fields for categorization, user input, or enhanced content, Joomla! custom fields integration provides greater flexibility. Details here.

Custom Fields
Set Frontend Pagination from RSBlog! Configuration

You can now configure frontend pagination directly from the RSBlog! settings. This feature lets you control how your blog posts are paginated on the frontend, enhancing the user experience by allowing you to customize how many posts appear per page.

Set Frontend Pagination from RSBlog! Configuration
Set Default Author for Remote Posts

RSBlog! introduces the ability to set a default author for remote posts. This is particularly useful for blogs that aggregate content from multiple sources. By setting a default author, you ensure consistent attribution and maintain content integrity across your site.

Set Default Author for Remote Posts
Option to Disable Microdata per Post

You now have the option to disable microdata on a per-post basis. microdata helps search engines understand the content of your posts better. However, there might be instances where you don't want this data included. With this new option, you can easily manage microdata settings for individual posts.

Option to Disable Microdata per Post
Option to Send Subscriber Emails Using a Cron Job

We've added the ability to send emails to subscribers using a cron job. This means you can automate the process of sending out blog post notifications to your subscribers, ensuring timely updates without manual intervention. This feature helps maintain consistent communication with your audience and improves subscriber engagement.

Option to Send Email Subscriptions Using a Cron Job

These new features are designed to enhance your blogging experience with RSBlog!, providing you with more control and flexibility. We are committed to continually improving our platform and look forward to bringing you more updates in the future.

Stay tuned for more enhancements, and happy blogging!

For more information on RSBlog!, please refer to the online docs:

RSBlog! Documentation

If you have any questions regarding this functionality or if you require assistance with your form please use the following button to submit a ticket to our team.

Submit a ticket

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