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RSForm!Pro Phone Number field

Introducing the New RSForm!Pro Phone Number Field: Tailored for Global Communication.

Phone numbers vary from one country to another in terms of length and format. RSForm!Pro has introduced an innovative feature: the Phone Number field with country-specific formatting capabilities, allowing users to input phone numbers in the correct format based on their country.

Key Features of the RSForm!Pro Phone Number Field

  • Automatic Country Detection: The field can automatically detect the user's country based on their IP address or other input data, and adjust the phone number format accordingly.
  • User-Friendly Input: The field provides country flags and format guides, making it easy for users to enter their phone numbers correctly.
  • Precise Phone Validation: The RSForm!Pro Phone Number field includes a validation rule to ensure that the phone numbers entered are valid according to the specified country format. If an error occurs, the user is prompted to correct their input, ensuring that only accurate data is submitted.
  • Seamless Integration: This new field integrates seamlessly with existing RSForm!Pro functionalities, allowing for easy incorporation into existing forms without extensive modifications.

How to Implement the New Phone Number Field

Adding the new phone number field to your RSForm!Pro form is straightforward. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Update to the Latest Version: Ensure you are using the latest version of RSForm!Pro to have access to the new field.
  • Add the Phone Number Field: In the form builder, select the new Phone Number field from the list of available fields.
  • Configure the Country List: either show all countries or display only specific countries, by adding each country on a new line as a 2-letter ISO code (eg. US for United States, GB for United Kingdom).
  • Test the Field: Before going live, test the phone number field to ensure it works as expected for different countries. Verify that the format adapts correctly and that validation rules are enforced.
  • Publish and Collect Data: Once satisfied with the setup, publish the form and start collecting accurate, country-specific phone numbers.


Upgrade to the latest version of RSForm!Pro today and experience the benefits of this powerful new field.

For more information on how to use the RSForm!Pro Phone Number field, please refer to the online docs:

RSForm!Pro Phone Number Field Documentation

If you have any questions regarding this functionality or if you require assistance with your form please use the following button to submit a ticket to our team.

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