Discount coupons starting with RSEvents! rev. 16

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RSEvents! - Joomla! event calendar extension

The new RSEvents! rev. 16, comes with some new added functionalities: the most important ones are the Discount Coupons options and Colored Categories.

Discount coupons:

Since rev. 16, the users can use discount coupons, when they are registering to an event. The coupon code will be introduced before making a new ticket payment.

To create discount coupons, in the backend Joomla! panel head to:
Components -> RSEvents! -> Events -> select the event for which you want to add coupons -> Registration -> Manage tickets type -> Click on the Coupons icon. Here you can automatically generate coupons, set the coupon type: value or percentage and the discount value.

RSEvents! event custom registration form for Joomla!

More info about coupons.

Colored categories:

Starting with rev. 16, the administrators can choose the category color for the calendar view.

In the backend Joomla! panel, head to Components - >RSEvents! -> Categories, choose a category and use the Color Panel to choose a specific color.

To activate the colors in frontend, you have to change some settings for the Calendar Layout menu item (in the Parameters - Basic):

  • Show colors to YES
  • Show color legend to YES (if you want to display a legend)

Category color in backend:RSEvents! colored event categories - Joomla! backend view

Category color in frontend:

RSEvents! colored event categories - Joomla! frontend view

Other new added functionalities or fixes:

  • Added - {LocationCity} placeholder: it can be used in the Event Intro Layout (Components -> RSEvents! -> Settings ->Events) to display the city location for each event and in the users emails: Invite email, Registration email, Activation email, Unsubscribe email, Reminder email and Postreminder email (these emails can be found in Components -> RSEvents! -> Settings ->Emails)
  • Added - Unsubscribe message
  • Added - Cron for automatic reminder: sends a reminder email upon x days - details of the cron settings you can find in the RSEvents! - User Guide - Settings
  • Fixed - Small bugs
  • Redone - Paypal Plugin (please download the new plugin and install it over the existing one) - rewritten from the beginning
  • Updated - RSForm!Pro - RSEvents! plugin

Important note !

If you decide to upgrade and you are using the RSEvents! PayPal plugin, you will also have to reinstall the plugin.

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