Unleash the Power of RSForm!Pro Modal Plugin

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RSForm!Pro Modal Plugin

Enhance your visitors' experience with this advanced and intuitive plugin, designed to elevate interaction. It enables you to showcase a form effortlessly at the click of a button, positioned in different locations, accompanied by captivating visual effects.

Imagine you wish to include a button within your Joomla! article, and upon clicking this specific button, a modal appears. This modal will feature a form that you've designed using RSForm!Pro.

RSForm!Pro Modal Plugin
There are 3 distinct methods through which you can choose to showcase this modal:

1. Editor Button

Using the editor's dedicated button you'll need to include a similar syntax in your article:

  <button class="btn btn-primary" data-rsfpmodal="1">Open the form</button>

2. Placeholder

Use dedicated placeholders in your article's contents by including a similar syntax:

  {rsfpmodal 1 effect="zoom" buttonName="open form"}

3. Menu Item

Create a System Links > URL menu item type and add # in the Link* field (Details tab). Afterwards, include similar classes in the 'Link Type' > 'Link Class' field:

  rsfpmodal-1 rsfpeffect-sideright-rsfpfullheight rsfpdisableclose-1 rsfpautoload-1

14 striking effects for a visually engaging presentation

Select the default display effect for your modal when the form is unveiled from this complete list:

  • Fade
  • Slide from Top
  • Slide from Bottom
  • Slide from Left
  • Slide from Right
  • Side Right
  • Side Right Full Height
  • Side Left
  • Side Left Full Height
  • Top Side
  • Top Side Full Width
  • Bottom Side
  • Bottom Side Full Width
  • Zoom
RSForm!Pro Modal Plugin Effects

For more information on how to use the RSForm!Pro Modal plugin, please refer to the online docs:

RSForm!Pro Modal Plugin Documentation

If you have any questions regarding this plugin or if you require assistance with your form please use the following button to submit a ticket to our team.

Submit a ticket

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